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Look Whats Cookin' At The Battenkill Kitchen

The new Battenkill Kitchen is under the management of the Courthouse. A dedicated crew of workers including Tom Kerr, Majken Sellar and Dottie Schneider have done an inexpensive but remarkable job giving the kitchen a sparkling new look – a fresh coat of paint, decorative trim, a new pantry, a renovated restroom, a sharp new sign and more.

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Salem Art Works Fostering Partnerships

SAW believes that art is not an option, but rather a necessity.  It has worked diligently to foster partnerships with artists, supporters, other local organizations and the people of Salem.

The HSCPA's 13th Annual Meeting on November 11 was a great success!

Exciting New Events at the Courthouse

FREE  February Break * 3 days of fun!  FREE
10-12 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, February 17, 18 & 19
These three events are co-sponsored by SAW (Salem Art Works).

Tuesday, all kids are invited for a brisk winter hike to nearby Salem Art Works. There are plenty of trails to explore and see what winter has to offer. Hot chocolate and lunch will be provided after the hike.

Wednesday will be a fun, frolicking day of sledding adventure. The hills at SAW are perfect for all ages & abilities. There are gentle slopes for the younger kids & steep grades for those who like to go fast! After the kids are thoroughly worn-out & hungry, lunch will be served with the ever popular hot cocoa!

Thursday the kids will come to the Battenkill Kitchen behind the Courthouse and make some treats. Those wonderful ladies from SAW will again host a cookie decorating shindig where lots of fun & laughter will reign supreme!

Need help filing your tax return? Free!!!
The Volunteer Income Tax (VITA) program can help with basic tax returns. Saturday, February 21, 2015 at the Salem Courthouse 9 am-2 pm, Appointment required. Call toll free, 1-800-211-5128 for an appointment. Day¬time, evening and weekend appointments are also available in other locations. VITA is staffed by locally trained community volunteers and available to families with household income less than $53,000. They can e-file your federal and New York State tax returns, (VITA sites are not able to file returns for self-employed, or those with rental or farm income and depreciation), for a full list call 1-800-211-5128 or check the VITA website for more information at www.vitany.org. This VITA site is brought to you by WI$H – the Washington County Coalition Inspiring Wishful Habits and Tri-county United Way VITA Coalition.
Tax Returns with stock sales, business or rental income cannot be com¬pleted by us. You may use www.myfreetaxes.com to e-file your State and Federal tax returns for free if your income is less than $60,000. It is also free for filing income made in up to 3 states.

A Successful Season for Lunch Learn & Play

On Monday, July 7, the eighth season of the Lunch, Learn & Play summer enrichment program commenced at the Salem Courthouse Community Center.  Over 100 children registered for the 6-week program, and enrollment is still ongoing for this wonderful summer experience.  There is no charge to participate, and children entering grades K through sixth in September are welcome. Salem Courthouse Lunch Learn and Play Program - 1

The day begins at 11:30 am with a healthy lunch prepared on site.  Much of the fresh produce on the menu is grown in the Courthouse Community Garden. Each day, the children participate in 2 to 3 special programs including a birds of prey demonstration from the Wildlife Institute of Northeastern New York, dance and movement class, needle felting, dog agility class, nature walks, rock wall climbing and much more.

Salem Courthouse Lunch Learn and Play Program - 2 There is something special and unique for each age group.  The program runs until 5:30 each afternoon, and parents wishing to have a full day of activity may register their children in the American Red Cross approved swim program at Lake Lauderdale.  The swim class children take a bus from the Salem Central School at 8:15 am and are bused to the CCC in time for lunch.

Lunch, Learn and Play not only provides working parents with a safe, healthy and educational destination for their children, it also provides older children with a counselor-in-training program leading to a paid position.  Anyone interested in enrolling their children should call the CCC at 518-854-7053.



Salem Art Works – Fostering Partnerships

Salem Art Works has grown remarkably over the past ten years under the direction of its founder, Anthony Cafritz. SAW believes that art is not an option, but rather a necessity. It has worked diligently to foster partnerships with artists, supporters, other local organizations and the people of Salem.

Anthony reached out to the Salem Courthouse Community Center several years ago offering Salem Art Works At The Courhtousethe loan of larger scale sculpture to enhance the CCC’s park-like side lawn. Anthony believes that a “single creation has the power to change the world.” Guests attending the annual Al Fresco Dinner always marvel at the creative works enhancing the Courthouse grounds.

2014 is no exception. In May, CCC Director, Donna Farringer, met with SAW’s Artist Programs Coordinator and Curator, Jenny Hillenbrand, to select three amazing works of art. On July 23, under the supervision and watchful eye of SAW’s Design and Communications Associate, Julia Johnson, the sculpture on display this past year was removed, and the new pieces were installed.

The works on display for the coming year are: Lilly Reeves Montgomery’s Dream Catcher Number 3, Joe Graesser’s Untitled and Christopher Keating’s Deconstruction of a Mind. The CCC is grateful for this wonderful opportunity as well as the generosity of SAW and its artists.

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