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Adult Kung Fu classes (12+ years) meet once a week.
All levels are welcome
There are 6 8-week sessions throughout the year for a total of 48 week of instruction.

Children Kung Fu classes (age 5-11) meet once a week
Sat 8:30am-9:30am
All levels are welcome
There are 6 (8-week) sessions throughout the year for a total of 48 weeks of instruction.


About Hop Gar Kung Fu

Salem Hop Gar Kung Fu Academy

External/Hard Style

Hop Gar, Bak Hok and Choi Li Fut are fast paced, energetic arts that require dedication and hard work to become skilled in. Hop Gar and Bak Hok are closely related, Choi Li Fut is similar but has a slightly different focus. These arts contain a wide variety of techniques including Chin Na (joint locking). As a student in this class you can expect a good workout while learning some new skills.


Balintawak Escrima is a Filipino stick fighting art. It’s unique in that the practitioner only uses one stick leaving the other hand free for punching, holding and grabbing. This art is extremely fast paced and students begin partner striking drills in very short order.

Internal/Soft Style

We currently teach Yang style Tai Chi as well as the 18 basic Chi Kung exercises. Additionally, Hop Gar has an internal side that compliments the external side. At it’s highest level Hop Gar is considered a complete art because of this. This class is slow moving and stately but don’t be fooled, it takes hard work to become good at it. Students can expect to see real gains in their balance and stability as well as an improved ability to recognize tension in the body.
Salem Hop Gar Kung Fu Academy

About Sifu Steven Nacua

Sifu Nacua was born in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, his parents and grandparents were immigrants from the Philippines.

His martial arts experience began at the age of 9 when his grandfather, Ambrosio Mirafuentes, began teaching him Balintawak escrima, a single stick fighting art native to the Cebu area of the Philippines. From 9 to the age of 13 he continued to study Balintawak as well as Judo under Sensei Oyasato and Okinawan Karate under Sensei Ozaki. In 1960 at the age of 13 he began studying Kajukenbo Chinese Kenpo under Instructor Francis Hosaka. He continued with Instructor Hosaka until he moved to Oahu to study at the University of Hawaii.
Once at Oahu he continued his study of Kajukenbo (Chuan Fa method) under Sifu Alfred Dela Cruz.

In 1967 he was introduced to Tibetan Hop Gar and Pak Hok Pai master Professor Cheuk Tong Tse. For a time Sifu Nacua studied both Kajukenbo under Sifu Dela Cruz and Hop Gar under Professor Tse however in 1974 he decided to concentrate his studies on Hop Gar only.

In 1975 Sifu Nacua moved to Maui for work and Professor Tse instructed him to open a new school on the island. The Maui school remained open until 1982 when Sifu Nacua moved to Glens Falls, New York. Upon arrival in New York he promptly opened the Glens Falls school. It has been in operation continuously since 1982. He has been conducting classes at the Courthouse as part of the Salem Hop Gar Academy for over a decade.