Moon Based Mining Operation

Charlie Duveen, retired physics teacher and Judy Bardin, retired English teacher lead this project based maker space program about space exploration and moon based mining operations. If you have any interest in science and space exploration, this is the operation for you. The program is now in its second year. See below for further information…

Classes meet Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:30. You can be dismissed at 3:10 if you need to take the late bus.
Permission slips can be downloaded HERE

Some information from C. Duveen:

        Our STEAM program at the Courthouse is a simulated commercial venture, mining minerals, gases and maybe water on Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon. We started the project last spring with some basic questions. Given the recent progress in commercial space travel by SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Boeing, how could we develop a mining operation on the moon? What type of structures would we need to construct? How many people would we need to build and start the operation? What type of vehicles, machinery, communications, and living quarters will provide the environment for a successful mining operation? Finally, what reliable power sources can we count on, and how can we design a modular shipping arrangement to get the pieces to the moon? Even more basic is choosing a location for our first prospecting and mining site. While all of this might seem more like an engineering project for high school seniors, we decided to start seeding the program with young engineers at the grade school level.
        Ever Onward: Project based learning allows us to infuse academic exposure within the context of a real-world problem- how to design a moon base for mining. At the Salem Courthouse Community Center, we have a dedicated group of professionals, working with the school, RPI, NASA, and private companies to inspire creative thinking and teamwork in our young people. More important, they are having fun while learning a bunch of practical applications. Our motto for the Moon Base Mining program sums up where we are headed, “Ever Onward.”

Some of the team leading our student engineers:

Charlie Duveen has been teaching middle school math and science for the past 20 years.  In a previous life time he was a commissioned officer in the US Navy and a supervisor at Unisys Defense Systems.
Judy Bardin has been teaching English for over 30 years.  Having lived most of her life in the Salem community, she is excited to continue the local tradition of helping students to grow and to achieve in all subject areas.  This STEAM classroom is a continual burst of energy, enthusiasm, and learning for her as well as for the students.
Gabi Moore is a teaching artist and a mom. After moving to the area in 2000 and commuting to NYC as a professor at Fordham University for eleven years, she left her post to stay closer to home and her two children. She has taught art workshops in the region for ten years and enjoys using watercolor, recently returning to her own studio to paint and draw. She is thrilled to be part of the courthouse community.
Kay Russell is a writer and long-time Christian educator. A native of Salem, she graduated from Salem Washington Academy and Binghamton University.
Heather Bellanca has worked as a graphic designer for Northshire Bookstore for over 20 years while also designing logos, newsletters, banners, invitations, and posters. She has done magazine and book illustrating, and self-published a children’s book. Whenever possible, she tries to invest her talent and experience in making our town and its events as visually attractive as possible.