Individual Donations

Individual Donations to HSCPA are fully tax deductible. The association is most dependent upon the contributions made during the Annual Fund Drive, but they do not defray the cost of operating the courthouse complex and offering programs. Donations are welcomed throughout the whole year.
Make a One-Time Donation

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Battenkill Kitchen or Business Memorships

Corporations and Businesses have the opportunity to participate actively in the cultural life of the Salem area by contributing to HSCPA. We hope you will consider becoming a corporate sponsor today. Your generosity will help to make the courthouse complex an accessible resource providing diverse educational and cultural offerings for the benefit of Southern Washington County and its surrounding communities including Vermont.

Memorials and Tributes

Memorials and Tributes
The Old Washington County Courthouse in Salem is a special place within our community and offers numerous services to people of all ages. Whether you would like to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or a lifetime achievement, making a contribution in the honoree’s name is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation.

Tribute and memorials gifts to support HSCPA may be given at any level. Donations made directly support programs, courthouse preservation, and continued maintenance of the courthouse complex. Both the donor and honoree (or designated contact) will receive notes of acknowledgment.

All memorial and tribute gifts given at $100 and above will be listed in a book which will be located at the entrance. All honored and the donors who have chosen to remember their loved ones in this way will be listed by year.

Gifts by Will

Bequests in Wills The easiest way of charitable estate planning is naming HSCPA in your will through a bequest provision. Few legal instruments are more important to the people and causes you care about than your will. A will provision works well for those unable to give an outright gift but would like to assist the courthouse in the future. It can also be a means to perpetuate the giving level you have provided during your lifetime.

If you already have a will, it is not necessary to rewrite your entire will to make a bequest to HSCPA. You can simply instruct your attorney to modify your current will or living trust by adding a codicil. You may specify an asset, an amount of money, a percentage of your estate, or a variety of other designations. Unrestricted bequests provide the Directors of HSCPA with flexibility to use your gift where the need is the greatest. We welcome inquiries about specific uses for your bequest. If you plan a bequest to the courthouse, please advise your attorney of our legal name: “Historic Salem Courthouse Preservation Association, Inc.” Recognizing the highly private nature of such planning, all inquiries and communications are held in strictest confidence, and are without obligation.

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of Securities If you transfer stock that has been held for more than twelve months, and which has appreciated in value, you may take a charitable deduction for the full present fair market value, and you will pay no capital gains tax. If you would like contribute securities on which you have suffered a loss, you may consider selling them and donating the proceeds to HSCPA. You will then realized a charitable deduction in addition to tax deduction for the loss.

HSCPA is grateful for all types of gifts and welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your personal advisors.