Battle of the Bands


Introducing the Salem Community Courthouse’s first Battle of the Bands Competition. The fundraiser will be held at RS Taylor Sons and Brewery in Hebron, NY on June 22nd.

The Salem Courthouse was built in 1869, so this year we are celebrating its 150th year of existence. The Salem Courthouse Community Center is dedicated to providing a venue for artistic endeavors, for craft making, and for unique educational experiences that help our young people to meet their full potential. We look at the present as a steppingstone to the future and give individuals a chance to enjoy and to serve the community. We celebrate our past by restoring our historic building. We have plans in the works for several restoration projects that will add to the list of projects completed in the past sixteen years.

This fundraiser will have food, beer, and great music. We are aiming to have about 9 bands perform. The goal is to have nine bands perform, with a total of four rounds of competition. For every round, 3 different bands will compete against each other. Our panel of judges will determine each band’s score with a point system, and the band with the most points at the end of each round will continue on to the final “sudden death” round. Those finalists will compete against each other for the $1,000.00 prize. The band with the most points wins!We hope that you will consider buying a ticket, or registering your band for what we hope to become a must-see, annual event.

We are now accepting applications for bands to perform. To download the band registration form and further instructions regarding the event, click the link below.

Battle of the Bands Application

Submit completed registration form and $25 in person or by mail to HSPCA, PO Box 140 Salem, NY 12865, no later than June 8th, 2019.

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  • Bands must have 2-8 members in order to compete
  • Absolutely NO lip-syncing or tracking vocals.
  • Bands must complete a registration form and pay $25 non-refundable entry fee.
  • Once approved, the entry fee is non-refundable under all circumstances, including withdrawal from the competition


  • Band members must be at least 15 years old to compete. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. Any applicants under 21 found drinking will immediately be disqualified and parental guardians will be notified.
  • Bands may perform up to 4 songs or 20 minutes worth of music (flexible- if you go over by a few minutes it will not affect your score.)
  • All Bands must bring their own instruments. A drum set is provided, we ask that you bring your own symbols and sticks
  • Sound equipment provided-see details below
  • Band must be able to set up in 10 minutes
  • Band must be able to tear down in 10 minutes upon completion of the set
  • Next band should be ready on deck, set to go, there will be someone prepping you
  • In each round of the 3 preliminary rounds, three bands will compete against each other, and a winner from each round will be selected. Those 3 finalists will go on to the Sudden Death round where they will have the chance to perform again, and the winner of the $1,000.00 will be selected.
  • Management and/or judges have the right to disqualify a band at discretion due to misconduct. Foul language, inappropriate or controversial topics, and/or distasteful behavior will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. All songs must be appropriate for a family oriented environment.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on stage while performing.
  • RS Taylor & Sons and the Historic Salem Courthouse Community Center are not liable for accidents, injuries, liability or equipment disappearance or damage.


  • A meeting with all judges will be held on May 31st to discuss the more specific details of the point system. After May 31st, a follow up email will be sent out to update all the bands. Below is a structure of what we’re looking for but is subject to change. 
  • Music (Clarity, Lyrical Content and Overall Musical Performance) 1-10 pts
  • Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction (How does the band connect with the crowd?) 1-10 pts
  • Appearance and Personality (Overall Look and Personality) 1-5 pts
  • Crowd Applause (Fan Support) 1-20 pts
  • Total points = 45
  • Judges include Zakk Eastman, Bob Warren, and Lou Della Valle


  • 1st prize is $1000
A PA is available to use it has 8 inputs, 2 12 in powered speakers and 2 monitors. The Courthouse will provide a mixing board but there is also the option to just equalize off the PA. We probably won’t mike up the drums, there will be extra microphones handy however. The drum set is also available we just ask that the people using it bring their own cymbals and sticks. We also ask that you provide your own plug in cables as we do not have any, or if a band would like to offer up theirs for the event that is an option too, and it may save set up and break down time. The idea is to get you set up and broken down as fast as possible to make more time for more music! There will be a sound guy, feel free to mike check and tell him what you need adjusted.
Please send pictures, bios, videos, anything we can use to promote you on social media, as soon as you can. You can find us on facebook here:
Please continue you to promote yourselves at this event and invite your friends and family
Tickets can be purchased online, and the link can be found on our facebook event page here: 
ticket link: 
Tickets can also be bought at The Courthouse, or RS Taylor & Sons Brewery. Pre-sale tickets are $10, at the door is $15


  • 1st prize is $1000
  • People’s choice award (to be determined)