Let Me Introduce Myself

I was honored to assume the position of Executive Director of the HSCPA, Inc. in August 2016 after Donna Farringer’s retirement. 

Executive Director Salem Courthouse Community Center

Janice Quartararo, Executive Director

For those who haven’t met me yet, I live in Shushan with my husband and two children. Our kids attend Salem Central School and are frequent attendees in the Lunch Learn & Play program.  

During the last few months, I have enjoyed seeing many faces at the Courthouse. There are so many people who are involved with the  daily operations and with all the events that are meticulously planned. 

So many of you have helped with my transition into this new role. I am very  grateful to the Board, Donna and all the wonderful volunteers associated with HSCPA. You really are the heart  and soul of this place.