The Shoppe Off Broadway

DUE TO COVID-19 the Shoppe is temporarily closed! We will be sharing our reopening plan in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. 

The Shoppe Off Broadway is a not-for-profit shoppeoffbroadwayorganization whose mission is to serve the community including the youth of the area.

Hours: Wednesday, 1 to 6 pm Thursdays through Saturday, 10 am to 1 pm


Monthly Bag Sale: starts the last Wednesday of each month and runs through Saturday of that week
Donations of gently used clothing and small household items are gladly accepted ~ please drop off items during regular business hours! (no appliances or electronic items in general please!

The Shoppe is totally staffed by volunteers ~ if you would like to assist, please contact the Shoppe directly at 518-854-9090.

Thank you,  Shoppe Off Broadway!

The Shoppe Off Broadway thrift store has been around for sixteen years. In that time, they have donated $264,000 to the community. They are the largest sponsor to the Lunch, Learn and Play program, providing $10,000 to our 5 week FREE day camp program.  In keeping with their mission to serve the needs of the youth of our community, this amazing donation will do so much good for so many area children.  The Historic Salem Courthouse and the Lunch, Learn and Play program are truly grateful for their support.